Nizzy's Cafe and Catering in Burnaby and Vancouver

To all my customers and friends

I have been in the food service business for over thirty years, and it has been seven years since I started Nizzy’s Café. Despite the challenges arising from Covid, they have been good years for me as a small business owner and a professional working in this industry.

Nizzy’s has been a successful business endeavor for me because of the support my staff and I have received from you, my customers and friends, over the years. I have enjoyed providing good, wholesome meals, which I think have been appreciated.

I received a good offer from Hanna Café which will be taking over as of September 30th, 2021. I hope you will support them as you did Nizzy’s.

I wish all of you the best in your endeavors and deeply appreciate your patronage of my business over the years. Thank you.

Nizam Thobani

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Catering Testimonials

Hi Nizam, I just wanted to say that the lunch was great, delicious!!! We never got to try it before because we always order for our clients’ meetings. But today we finally tasted it and it was fantastic, the sandwiches, cookies, the salad dressing!!! Amazing, the staff loved it. We surely will be ordering for ourselves again  Thank you so much.


Hi, Yes, everything went well as far as I know. I had a piece of the lasagna and it was AMAZING! I did already put out two of the burners, but there was still some lasagna left in one of them and some people having seconds so I didn’t put out, I will pop my head in before I leave and ensure its out. Thanks